Miles, Zambales

The Circle Hostel, Zambales – Backpacker’s Haven

My friend and I took an unplanned trip headed North last weekend. Having only our shoulder bags and brave souls.

It’s an almost 7-hour trip from Pasay to Iba, Zambales. Upon reaching the town of San Felipe, we took a trike to The Circle Hostel.


The Circle Hostel is a backpacker’s haven. If you are traveling solo or by group, you will definitely love this place. The Circle lives by its mantra “there are no strangers.” True indeed! They have a common area where you can mingle with other guests, and I think the bed bunks and hammocks are strategically great ideas to begin convos with strangers.





Graffiti is everywhere. Whatever is up in your life right now, you’ll surely catch something to encourage you.



The beach is a 3-4 minute walk from the hostel. Aside from surfing and skimming, the crystal clear waters of Liw-liwa itself is enticing.

At night, you can set up your tents by the shore or build up a bonfire. Or just simply lie on the sand and catch endless shooting stars while the waves serenade you.



It was a memorable weekend. Meeting new faces, hearing amazing stories. Definitely a reason why traveling is more than just going places. It’s living the moment and knowing yourself.

How to get here:
– Ride a bus from Victory Liner Pasay to Iba, Zambales.
– Ask the driver to drop you at Bobulon Elementary School, San Felipe.
– Hire a trike to take you to The Circle Hostel.
– Going to Manila: from the hostel, hire a trike to town proper.
– Ride an ordinary bus or van bound to Olongapo.
– Head to Victory Liner Olongapo for bus trips going back to Manila.

Here’s the breakdown of my expenses:
PHP 303 – Bus fare, Pasay to Liw-liwa, San Felipe
PHP 25 – Trike to The Circle Hostel
PHP 350 – Hammock overnight rental
PHP 200 – Food and drinks for 2 days (The Circle offers free breakfast everyday!)
PHP 30 – Trike from the hostel to town proper
PHP 70 – Van from Liw-liwa, San Felipe to Olongapo
PHP 218 – Bus fare, Olongapo to Pasay

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