Miles, Quezon

Cagbalete Island, Quezon – The Random Day Trip

“Ilang hours po pa-Quezon?” received 11:01 PM, November 5. Just 1 random question and the next thing I know, we’re on a bus heading to Lucena.

Day 0 | November 5, 2016 | Saturday

I am literally on my sleeping shirt, ready for bed, when I received a message from my best friend. Our convo didn’t last long until we agreed to make another “biglaan” trip where we are really good at.

At 12:30mn, I found myself with a bag, wallet and just sunglasses.

Day 1 | November 6, 2016 | Sunday

I arrived in Alabang at exactly 1:09 AM where Vivian was waiting with a bucket of take out chicken and bag full of laundry.

We left Alabang at 1:45 AM and reached Lucena Grand Terminal after 2 hours. We’re too early for the first trip of ordinary buses leaving for Mauban. By 4:30 AM, we were set for another bus ride that lasted for 2 1/2 hours.

Boat fare, schedule and contact numbers. You’re welcome. 🙂

Cagbalete Island can be accessed thru public and private boats. Since we arrived earlier than the schedule of public boats, it’s either we wait until 10am for the 1st trip or look for joiners and get a private boat.

Luckily, we met a group who were also heading to the Island. The Tourism Office officer was accommodating enough to look for a boatman who will take us to Cagbalete.


It was a smooth 45-minute sail across the salt water. Kuya Jojo dropped us at Villa Noe Beach Resort which offered us free tent pitching since we’ll only stay for a day. We just paid PHP 100 for the entrance fee.

Days like these…
We roamed around and met boatmen offering island tours for PHP 150 per pax, inclusive of snorkeling gears. Since we’re running out of time, we just opted to visit the sandbar plus snorkeling.
We have the island all to ourselves.
Last trip of public boats from Cagbalete to Mauban Port leaves at 12nn. Just our luck, we met Kuya Erwin (0998-449-7052) who has a service at 4pm. He allowed us to hitch and just paid PHP 150 per pax.
All photos taken using Samsung S6 Edge, wasn’t able to bring my DLSR.
1:45 AM – ETD Alabang to Lucena Grand Terminal
3:45 AM – ETA Lucena Grand Terminal
4:20 AM – ETD Lucena Grand Terminal to Mauban Quezon
6:00 AM – ETA Mauban Quezon
*skip riding tricycle, just ask locals how to get to tourism office
*settled things, ate breakfast first
7:15 AM – ETD Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island
8:00 AM – ETA Villa Noe Beach Resort, Cagbalete Island
*chill, eat etc
12:00 NN – Start of Sandbar tour + snorkeling
3:00 PM – End of tour, went back to Villa Noe and prep for departure
4:15 PM – ETD Cagbalete Island to Mauban Port
5:00 PM – ETA Mauban Port
*had to hurry to catch up the last trip (Van) going to Lucena Grand Terminal
5:15 PM – ETD Mauban to Lucena Grand Terminal
5:30 PM – ETA Lucena Grand Terminal to Alabang
10:00 PM – ETA Alabang
Expenses per pax
PHP 197 – Bus fare from Alabang to Lucena Grand Terminal
PHP 54 – Ordinary bus fare from Lucena to Mauban
PHP 50 – Breakfast meal
PHp 50 – Environmental fee to be paid in the Tourism Office
PHp 10 – Trike from Tourism Office to Mauban Port
PHP 150 – Boat ride from Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island
PHP 150 – Sandbar + Snorkeling
PHP 150 – Boat ride from Cagbalete Island to Mauban Port
PHP 10 – Trike ride from Port to van terminal (should have walked instead)
PHP 60 – Van fare from Mauban to Lucena Grand Terminal
PHP 180 – Lucena Grand Terminal to Alabang
Total: PHP 1,031
PHP 143 – Pasalubong (always optional haha)

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