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11 Cebu City Destinations you can Visit in 1 Day

Planning for a trip doesn’t happen in a snap of a finger. As a backpacker, I do tons of meticulous research down to plotting my itinerary. There are times when I tend to squeeze my day with a hell of a checklist. Miraculously, it works!

Of all the places I have visited, Cebu City totally fits the “1-day challenge” as you can definitely cross out 11 destinations in just a single day!

Are your bags ready? Let’s wander!

1) 10,000 Roses Cafe

Being the nearest spot from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, this 2-story alfresco cafe has magnetized local and foreign visitors the day it opened its doors to the public. The limelight this Korean-owned attraction is getting has been very much in the air and even all over social media.


Who wouldn’t swoon over 2 parallel fields of 10,000 white roses? If this isn’t exciting yet, these blooms illuminate at night giving you a more romantic ambiance.


FYI: There is a PHP20 entrance fee to be settled at the Cordova Tourism Center.

2) Lantaw Floating Restaurant

If caffeine is not your thing then head over to the famous Lantaw Floating Restaurant that is just stone’s throw away from 10,000 Roses Cafe.

3) Fort San Pedro

Your PHP 50 entrance fee will take you back in time as Fort San Pedro is the country’s oldest fort. Well, not to mention the smallest too.


4) Magellan’s Cross

Discussed over a dozen times in school, Magellan’s Cross marks the arrival of Portuguese conquistador Ferdinand Magellan in the Queen City of South, as well as the birth of Christianity in the land.


5) Heritage Monument of Cebu

Cebu holds an artistic culture and rich history as depicted in this tableau in the middle of Parian Plaza.


6) Yap-Santiago Ancestral House

Just across the monument is a 300-year old Spanish house owned by the Yap-Santiago clan. This ancestral abode-turned-museum is one of the country’s oldest residential houses.


FYI: PHP 30 entrance fee to be settled. A tip is much appreciated for the museum curator/ tour guide.

7) Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills

A famous religious site in Beverly Hills, Taoist Temple has become a favorite tourist destination due to its artistic structure and religious figures. The temple also overlooks the city.


8) Temple of Leah

Just like The Ruins in Negros Occidental, Temple of Leah is built out of man’s undying love for his wife.

Day 3-2

9) Sirao Flower Farm

This picture-perfect flower farm in Sirao is also known as Cebu’s Little Amsterdam.


10) La Vie Parisienne

A packed day couldn’t be more perfect with a sip of wine in La Vie Parisienne.


Pro-tip: there are habal-habal drivers in JY Mall that offers 3-destination tours (Temple of Leah, Sirao Fam, Sirao Peak) in case you have a limited time. Check out my Cebu 2016 blog about it here.

11) Sirao Peak (Optional)

Hiking Sirao Peak won’t take much of your time. This quick destination from Sirao Flower Farm gives you a panoramic view of the City.

Day 3-1

During my November 2017 visit to Cebu, I was invited by Kagana Travel and Tours to join their 11 Destinations in 1 Day Tour. It was a hassle-free tour around Cebu City and surprisingly cheap! And I must say that they offer the most pocket-friendly packages in town!

You may check out their FB page and look for Ms. Janice. They will arrange everything for you and your group so all you have to do is enjoy and have fun!

Safe travels!


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