Never Ending List

I Took A Step Back From the Race. Now, What Happened?

Here’s a bit of a spoiler — I am getting married!!!

It’s February 2020, exactly 1 year and 10 months since I last blogged. Was I out that long?

I left 3 unpublished articles. I downloaded WordPress but never used it. I lost track of my website stats and forgot to renew my domain name. I kept my Instagram private and unfriended half of my Facebook friends. I sold my camera, my precious Osprey started accumulating bags of dust, and my hiking gears were stuck somewhere in my room.

These are just the material changes I went through when I decided to detach myself from the flow. Before turning 25, I thought I was in my A-game. I have a rented flat in BGC, I go places, I climb mountains, I take good photos and sell it, I write articles, I get sponsorships. It was cool. Not until reality slapped me in the face and made me realized, I am not genuinely happy. This is not fun — not when you feel like everything had turned into a race.

Spending hours editing photos just for the ‘gram and documenting everything online just to make sure everyone sees it. Social media-dependent life became a competition and a game of fame. Man, it was exhausting.

So I took a step back. Seriously, it did me great. Living away from the made-up internet life is nothing but a breath of fresh air.

Now, what happened?

Baler May 2019
Sunset in Baler | May 2019

Within those months that I was away, I still traveled. I have been to different countries, got myself a new camera, and cared less about my OOTDs. I enjoyed every single moment without having to impress anyone. What’s the hashtag for that again? Ah, #unplugged. 

On top of this, I was found.

All these years I thought I will be the one to find love, not the other way around. Been to 40 provinces in the country, wishful thinking that there’s got to be someone somewhere for me. I guess you don’t really have to force things because it will happen just in time.

Singapore | October 2019
Singapore | October 2019

If you ever bumped into this, here’s a piece of unsolicited advice: focus on the small things and take everything slowly. You will never run out of places to visit, mountains to climb, and experiences to try.  Spend more time with your family and closest friends. Those who are always there through the highs and lows. Make more memories with them because time, my friend, is something you can never bring back.

Oh well, this is quite an entry. I thought I already lost my voice when I stopped putting words together. Thank heavens for the wonderful experiences that fuelled my cells to write again. 

Till next time!


Future Mrs. Manalo

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