Batangas, Heights

Manabu Peak – Legit Beginner-friendly Mountain

After 3 years, I went back to my Mother Mountain situated in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Rising at 760+ MASL with trails very friendly and enjoyable for beginners, I must say Manabu Peak is perfect for those who need a break.

Bataan, Heights

Tarak Ridge – Long Weekend Chill Climb

This year, October 31 was declared a holiday resulting in a 4-day rest day. And what do we do with an extra-long weekend? We climb. 🙂

Heights, Nueva Vizcaya

Mt. Ugo Traverse – Our Comeback Climb

The plan to hike Mt. Ugo popped up when we experienced hell on Earth as my previous group traversed Mt. Balingkilat last March. We searched and planned for our Ugo hike until it took us months of absolute and pure nothing.

Miles, Zambales

The Circle Hostel, Zambales – Backpacker’s Haven

My friend and I took an unplanned trip headed North last weekend. Having only our shoulder bags and brave souls.

Heights, Zambales

Mt. Balingkilat – Nagsasa Cove Traverse

UPDATES AS OF JANUARY 25, 2017. Finally able to retrieve my original itinerary and contacts from my old laptop. Sharing with you guys: Kuya Tommy, original mountain guide contact - +639074737117. Since he was not able to guide us, he told us he'll "secure another trusted guide" for our team. Turned out, we had Kuya… Continue reading Mt. Balingkilat – Nagsasa Cove Traverse