Cebu, Miles

A Taste of South, North, and the City – Cebu in 3 Days

On blogs and travel forums, I noticed how they tell you to make up your mind on whether to go South or head North when visiting Cebu. Well basically, that is really practical because tourist destinations are mostly 3-4 hours away from the city. South is packed with adventures you cannot resist while there is… Continue reading A Taste of South, North, and the City – Cebu in 3 Days

Aurora, Miles

Baler, Aurora – My First Solo Travel

My summer started late this year. And I love hitting the beach again and again, and just let the waves serenade me. So I looked for provinces I have never been to and I ended up with Baler, Aurora. Two things why Baler topped my list: first, it is undeniably crowded. For my first solo… Continue reading Baler, Aurora – My First Solo Travel

Heights, Zambales

Mt. Balingkilat – Nagsasa Cove Traverse

UPDATES AS OF JANUARY 25, 2017. Finally able to retrieve my original itinerary and contacts from my old laptop. Sharing with you guys: Kuya Tommy, original mountain guide contact - +639074737117. Since he was not able to guide us, he told us he'll "secure another trusted guide" for our team. Turned out, we had Kuya… Continue reading Mt. Balingkilat – Nagsasa Cove Traverse